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Training Packages

The first session is a 60 minute in person initial consultation during which I meet your dog, we discuss training goals, behavorial issues, client schedule and time available to train, etc.. Sessions there after are 45 minutes and when purchased in packages of 5, are discounted. Packages must be used within 120 days from initial purchase date.  After each session, you will receive an email with a summary of what we worked on and discussed, as well as any other relevant links. 

How I Got Started

This is a picture of my dog George, a a rescue who passed away from cancer at a young age. He is the dog who jumpstarted my passion for dog training, particularly for helping dogs with behavior challenges. 

As can be common with rescue dogs, George had little socialization when we adopted him and was terrified of other dogs on leash. He quickly became very leash reactive and very difficult to walk. We went through several different dog trainers who either provided no help at all, or made the problem substantially worse with aversive tools.  Totally in despair and feeling awful that George was struggling so much, we finally landed an appointment with a trainer who was able to help us immensely with his issue by showing us how to change his behavior and reactivity by keeping him under threshold and working to counter condition his reactivity towards other dogs. It was a slow process but fascinating to watch how his reactivity and behavior slowly began to change and ultimately, incredibly rewarding to help him with something that caused him so much anxiety.  Thus my passion and interest in dog behavior and training began, and I set about getting certified as a dog trainer and also becoming a Fear Free Certified trainer as well. 

My Philosophy

The best part about training dogs and working with their owners is the joy and excitement I see from people as they begin to grasp the concepts underlying dog training. My main goal as your dog trainer is not simply to teach your dog basic obedience, but to help you understand what makes your dog tick, to help you see the nuances of his behavior, and to work with you both to build a rewarding, engaging and joyful partnership. 

I have worked with rescue dogs, puppies, older dogs, and everything in between. If you have a specific training goal in mind, a dog with a behavior issue that you can't seem to help, if you just got a new puppy and need help getting started, or if you simply want to build on your relationship with the dog you currently have, I can help and would love the opportunity to bring more joy into your lives and to build on your relationship. 

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